Mark Dixon started his first business in 1994. It was a graphic design business and he ran it by using computers from generous friends. At this time Photoshop was still a new program. Mark decided to become a Photoshop expert. During this time modern multimedia using the Apple Mac started to become more commonplace. Colleges started to adjust curriculum to accommodate this change. In 1995, Mark was hired by the Media Design Department at Lane Community College, in Eugene, Oregon, to teach Photoshop to Design and Media Arts students.

This period saw the beginning of the modern Internet and the explosion of new Web pages. Groupdixon expanded their business offering to include the design of Web sites for businesses. Teaching at a community college and designing Web sites for businesses seemed to go hand-in-hand. Companies were hearing about how they all needed to have a Web site. But the medium was new and they didn’t know if they should spend the money on one. Being an instructor Mark was able to understand the apprehension and bring the assurance most businesses were looking for as they entered unchartered territory.

What made Groupdixon successful in this attempt was how they anticipated the clients needs and was there with them every step of the way. The clients sat in on production meetings and watched their sites become a reality. It is this understanding of what clients need and how to bring them into the process of creating something meaningful. This same process is integral in how Groupdixon continues to do business today.

When starting your own business you cannot just leave it for someone else to do for you. This is a complicated road and there are more than just a few sharp curves to watch out for. Ultimately, the success of a business relies on the motivation and drive of the owner. Getting bogged down in details or navigating the creation of a business and marketing plan can be daunting. Understanding social media — let alone managing it on a daily basis — can become overwhelming.

Groupdixon helps each client on the road to starting a business. Creating business and marketing plans; finding funding; developing marketing materials, and managing social media and other marketing, are all functions of Groupdixon as they help you bring your dream to reality.

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