The Music Video World of TikiKiti

A new force in the world of music videos has emerged. That force is TikiKiti. TikiKiti loves music videos. But not just any music video — or all music videos. TikiKiti is dedicated to the world of the indie film producer — the fan made music video and the “unofficial” music video. There is a world of people, of all ages, that enjoy making music videos and spend a lot of time making some incredible videos. They are the undiscovered talent, the would-be professional film maker, the college or high school student working on a class project, or the young teen experimenting with their first video.

The TikiKiti YouTube Channel shows an ever-changing page of current video, that is, from today, that have been rated. They use three separate criteria for rating a music video — production quality, creativity, and editing techniques. Although most people will be satisfied just by clicking a thumbs up to show they like a video, the people at TikiKiti spend more time with each video. Of course, this means they filter videos. But, in the world of YouTube where there seem to be millions of videos, some sort of filtering is bound to happen.

All the music videos are of pop music and include these categories: the narrative or story-telling video; the performance video; the mashup; and the K-Pop video.

Here is an example of some of these videos:

The Narrative Video:

The Performance Video:

The Mashup:

and K-Pop:

These are more videos can be seen at the TikiKiti YouTube channel now. You can also find links to all of their Top Picks of the Day on their Twitter Feed